Wednesday, 27 June 2012

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Monday, 25 June 2012

Avena's V.V. cream & oil Review

Image borrowed from Avena
Rating: 1/5, available from Avena for £13.99 (excl. p&p).

Long time, no posts right? I can't tell you where the time has gone!

So today we're reviewing 2 products. Everyone has at least 1 'beauty' dilemma that bugs them. for some folk it's their cellulite, for others it's their greasy and for at least 2 members of the TBT writing team it's thread veins. We don't know where they come from, more specifically we don't know why they appear and we have found no way of stopping them or making them disappear. And we'd rather use laser surgery as a last step.

We have tried home aromatherapy blends, expensive potions and lotions and even specialised massage. So far we've found that home aromatherapy blends and Kimia Glow have a little bit of an effect. Other than that we're stuck for answers. Antioxidants are supposed to help as are vitamins C,E & K but we're hardly strangers to antioxidants and our vitamins, we always wear sunscreen and thanks to the wonder that is the "British summer" we don't really get sun exposure and we're not tanners or sun bed fans.

So when we discovered Avena's V.V. (short for Visible Vein) oil we jumped on board and when we found that they did a cream too we ordered them both. On arrival we split them between us and eagerly let our beauty experiment commence. 2 months later and the results are in; there was no improvement, it didn't soak in very quickly and to top it all of it didn't smell that good :(

Back to the drawing board.....

Let us know what your (in)visible vein tricks are or whether you've had better luck with Avena's V.V. oil or cream in the comments!


Ingredients list to follow!