Monday, 17 December 2012

All Nighter Dry Shampoo Review

Rating: 4/5, usually available from Being Content (but they seem to be out right now!)

Created as an alternative to  hair powders that were full of parabens, aluminium, silica and talc the All Nighter was the first all natural colour-matched dry shampoo on the market.

All Nighter Dry Shampoo arrived in the UK in 2010 after becoming a cult favourite in the US. Made using a mixture of  pure rice and tapioca starches, cruelty free silk powder, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, this stuff isn't just meant to postpone hair washing but to revive a blow dry, tussle the hair, and absorb extra oils in the hair. So how does it do it and how does it compare to it's unnatural alternatives?

Battle#1: Versus batiste?

Okay okay, I know I shouldn't like batiste, it's full of things that we at TBT don't like to use on our bodies. But, when you're caught in a pinch it's surprising how fast the rules can be thrown to the wayside. Batiste is remarkably effective and is easier to apply, however, the scent can be overpowering and is a little synthetic. The All Nighter isn't scented and it does work as a dry shampoo, but it needs to be worked into the hair much more than Batiste dry shampoo.

Battle #2: Versus L'oreal super dust?
In terms of staying powder both products die down after a while, but to revitalise super dust charged hair all you need to do is scrunch it up. For All Nighter charged hair you need to reapply and given that it's pigmented you need to make sure it's brushed in properly otherwise you will have pigmented dots on your head that are difficult to get out, which might not be a problem if you have thick or fair hair. But if your hair is an average thickness and you use redhead, golden brunette or dark brown/black then you're going to need to make sure that you brush it in really well...and that it doesn't get on your clothes because it does stain.

The conclusion!
Ultimately the natural alternative, the All Nighter is a little more maintenance than L'oreal's superdust and batiste, but the effects are just as good. If you have the time and are willing to try a natural alternative it is worth a go but it is pricey, if you can get hold of it. Alternatively, try out a home remedy for dry shampoo which would be a lot more cost effective

Have you tried the All Nighter? what did you think?