Monday, 12 November 2012

Ooosha Raw Advanced Raw Chocolate Level 2: The Review

Moulded Raw Chocolate eggs (Image borrowed from

Price: £200
Time: 11am - 4pm
Location: East Sussex

One word: Amazing.

It's fair to say that we love chocolate, and a few weeks ago I headed down to East Sussex to complete my level 2 chocolate class with the ridiculously talented Amy Levin.

It was an awesome way to build upon the skills that we had learned in Level 1. Level 2 covers 3d chocolate moulding, chocolate work, ganache, raw chocolate truffles, cookie dough bonbons, and cremes (think after eight style treats).

This time around I forgot my water bottle, left the snacks at home, packed an apron, got some tupperware for the chocolate goodies and brought my trusty pen.

Ganache filled cookies (Image borrowed from
The Level 2 booklet is twice the size of the Level 1 booklet and does not disappoint; packed full of recipes, information, and tips and tricks.As you might expect Level 2 is bigger and better than Level 1. There are also more tasting sessions and it's ever so slightly more hands on than the Level 1 class. Combine this with the fact that everyone at the class was lovely and equally enthused about chocolate and you’ve got yourself a really fun class. Who could ask for more? But enough about that, let's talk about the reason you're really here: chocolate.

But before we get to the goodstuff, let's deal with any monday morning chocolate skepticism.....
Really? raw 3D chocolate moulding? I know, it doesn't sound right, especially if you have tried (and failed) at 3D moulding with shop-bought-chocolate. Not only was the raw chocolate 3D moulding impressive, the thin chocolate shells gently stuck together to form one of the strongest hollow chocolate eggs I have ever come across (later evidenced by my mr burns inspired 3 minute attempt to break one with my bare hands, regardless it was delicious!).

Once more Amy made it all seem effortless. And the solutions to chocolate (and truffle) making pitfalls are so clear now, I’m still making teensy mistakes but practice makes perfect – and Em &L are happy to have a steady supply of weekend chocolates.

And what of raw ganache? oh my,  so very smooth and packed full of flavour. It even impressed a very choosy friend of mine. No dairy, no gluten, no added-tives, and no icky artificial flavourings. And with the use of natural low GI sweeteners these ganaches are suitable for diabetics. We were lucky enough to work with earl grey ganache and cherry ganache; both of which were amazing (the TBT house favourite was the cherry ganache).

One thing that you won't know about Amy's classes are that the light lunch mentioned off-hand in the course description is really a delicious highlight. We had fresh salad in a beautiful dressing, with squash crackers, 2 types of nut cheese and berry kefir. I also had the opportunity of tasting some Coffee Kombucha and another Kefir.

 In the afternoon we covered cookie dough bonbons, which happen to be so moreish that if given the chance I would have devoured the whole lot, and chocolate cremes, which are Em's new favourite treat.

If you'd like to know more about Amy and her class schedule click here to be taken to the Ooosha site where you can also buy her chocolates (as of the 1st December) and check out some of her recipes. You can also check out the Ooosha Raw Culinary Artistry blog here.

If you're super interested (and have completed the Level 1 class) there are still some spaces on the December 1st class!

P.S. I didn't manage to do any swish photos this time which is why I've had to borrow from . Let's just say that here at TBT we really do love chocolate.
Take home treats!