Monday, 27 February 2012

Zaggora 30 day challenge: The review & final weigh in.

The time has come for our final Zaggora post and while we're a little late posting it, we promise to tell you what we made of the 30 day zaggora challenge.
If you've been following the blog lately, you'll have noticed that there weren't too many (ok, none) overtly positive comments about zaggora hotpants. In fact all we've heard from ladies e-mailing in is that their zaggora hotpants have ripped or laddered and that they feel quite cheated by the product - it's a fair complaint. Both Angela's hotpants and z's flares suffered the same fate, the customer service people at zaggora happily replaced Z's flares but didn't replace Angela's because they were ordered through firebox. Angela's still in the process of trying to get a replacement (if/when we receive a replacement we'll let you know).
Update: Z actually hasn't received her replacement flares...we're going to try and chase it up!
Over the course of Angela's 37 day challenge she has lost; 1 stone 2.2 lbs. Which is a weight loss percentage of 7.25%. Check out her weight loss graph:

Angela's weight loss.

We're still waiting for Z's results :)
Before we get to our conclusions, let's hit two of the major points raised:
Q: Angela and Z are working out a lot as it is; how do we know that their weight loss isn't just a result of all of their hardwork?

A: The short answer is that we don't know. What we do know is that it has given angela more confidence when it comes to working out in a gym full of people who range from a size 8  to a size 14. However, research has shown that Zaggora hotpants are a more effective weight loss aid when compared with a control item of clothing.
For a fitness professional's point of view we spoke to Angela's personal trainer, it's safe to say that she isn't impressed by the hotpants claims. In fact, she argues that Angela would have lost the same amount without the hotpants.
Q: Isn't it more of a placebo?
A: Now, we don't necessarily think that this product is a placebo. It is, however, a clever way to get even the laziest exerciser to do that little bit more. Everyone knows that the more you do, the more energy you burn. But the fact that this product throws in the notion of a fast track to weight loss helps shift almost any user into putting that little bit extra in for maximum results, which is a positive step to being more active.

Our Conclusions

Ultimately this product is not a weight loss cure all. Whatever your reason, healthy weight loss is work and while the hotpants can work, our results have been varied and their effect isn't clear given that angela has been working out pretty hard; 4-5 days a week for an average of 1 hour 10 minutes each day. 

In terms of comfort angela has noted that the seams are very scratchy and have actually cut her after longer training sessions.

While you can find positive reviews on the Zaggora website and other blogs, the experimental background only shows how much you could lose in a 30 minute workout if you have a BMI of around 23.3. The thing is there is no study that has found out what happens when you use the hotpants repeatedly over a month long period or more, or whether it is more effective based on fitness level (e.g. would a more active or less active body respond to the product better?)

We're not hating, but with any claim like this "can" is the operative word. Just because I can eat a gluteny sandwich doesn't mean that I will.
That doesn't mean that we don't think that they are a worthwhile product for people who need to lose weight. If you need that extra push Zaggora hotpants might be a worthwhile investment for you, the pricetag is a little steep and you might not get anything out of them. I own a pair of Zaggora flares and have been wearing them alongside angela so I could get an insight into their effect on the body. I do yoga, freeweights, running, zumba and hiking. In the 30 days I haven't lost any weight, I'm not eating more or less just going about my business. It might be that it's a better product for people who start off with a low activity level.

Zaggora's celu-lite technology is still a mystery, according to the product composition label Zaggora flares, capris and hotpants are 100% neoprene but according to the Zaggora blog , it is the "bio-ceramic technology embedded between the neoprene that makes the magic happen. Celu‐Lite™ emits far-infrared rays to reflect the wearer’s body heat back upon itself, leading to the deeper warming of tissue and breakdown of fat cells". For anyone interested, this patent might shed some light on it all...but we've still not been able to track down any empirical studies on the technology itself, if anyone has could you let us know?

We managed to find a patent from 2003 that discusses the use of bioceramics and neoprene in weight-loss clothing - which might be of interest to any of you out there interested in buying the hotpants.

Would we recommend it? Yes, but only if you are dedicated to a healthy weight loss program and only if you can afford it. Otherwise you may as well throw £44 away, and if you're planning on doing that you can give it to a lovely charity.
TBT rating: 8/10 (with conditions)
P.s. check back later for before/after photos and the conclusion of z's 30 day challenge.

Friday, 17 February 2012

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Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Zaggora 30 day challenge: Angela's final(ish) weigh in and Z's third weigh in

You know the drill, here are our contestants weekly exercise routines and their stats:

#1: Angela
  • 10/2: Zaggora Hotpants worn from 6am - 6pm. Exercise: 4 mile speed walk with weight vest.
  • 11/2: Zaggora Hotpants worn from 11am-3pm. Exercise: 1 hour run on the treadmill using freeweights.
  • 12/2: Zaggora Hotpants worn from 12pm - 3pm. Exercise: 10 minutes High Intensity Interval Training + 20 minutes Zumba.
  • 13/2: Zaggora Hotpants worn from 11am - 5pm. Exercise 1 hour 30 minute run on the treadmill using freeweights.
  • 14/2: Zaggora Hotpants worn from 2pm - 6pm. Exercise: 45minutes Zumba Cardio + 10 minutes High Intensity Interval Training + 50 minutes weight training.
  • 15/2: Zaggora Hotpants worn from 10am - 8pm. Exercise: 1 hour Ashtanga Yoga.

Last week Angela weighed in at 17 stone 1 lb and her measurements were 47.5-38-49, showing a total loss of 8 inches and 6.4 pounds since the week prior. This week she weighs in at 17 stone 6 lb  and her measurements are 47.7-39.9-50.9  in total she has gained 8 inches and 5 lbs since last week.

Angela's had an incredibly disappointing week, she has been following a calorie controlled diet and I can attest to the fact that she has maintained her exercise regime. Because of the increase in her weight she has asked if her final weigh in can be held next week and the girls and I have agreed to that. Pop back next week for Angela and Z's final weigh in along with our group conclusion about the efficacy of Zaggora Hotpants.

However, in line with our 30 day challenge here are Angela's stats:
In 30 days Angela has gone from 18 stone 3.5 lbs to 17 stone 6 lbs, and from body measurements of 48-41-52 to 47.7-39.9-50.9. That's a total weight loss of 10.5 lbs in 30 days.

Update: We've just been e-mailed by Z and she has gone from 7 stone 9.9 lbs to 7 stone 8.8 lbs since last week.

Thanks for reading,
Layla, Em & L.

If you've not read our Zaggora 30 day challenge posts before you can find them here: An introduction to Zaggora & Angela, Week 1, week 2 & our 2nd contender, and week 3

Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Zaggora 30 day challenge: Angela's 3rd week and Z's 2nd week!

Sorry for the lack of posting this week, my stockpile of safe panadol ran out and I bought a new packet only to find - after ingesting the tablet - that it had maize starch in and I can't eat maize so it's fair to say that I've had a painful few days.

Back to the challenge, since last week our contenders have been kicking butt while wearing their respective hotpants products;
  • Angela uses Zaggora Hotpants and has just completed week 3 of her 30 day challenge.
  • Z uses Zaggora Flares and has just completed week 2 of her 30 day challenge 
Contender #1: Angela 
Following last week's results Angela vowed to push herself harder in her bid to lose weight this week.
  • 3/2: Zaggora Hotpants worn from 11am - 2pm. Exercise:1 hour on the treadmill + 1 hour of free weights
  • 4/2: Zaggora Hotpants worn from 4pm - 9pm. Exercise: 1 hour zumba class + 45 minutes weight training
  • 5/2: Zaggora Hotpants worn from 1pm - 3pm. Exercise: 1 hour zumba class
  • 6/2: Zaggora Hotpants worn from 2pm - 4pm. Exercise: 45 minutes of zumba
  • 7/2:Zaggora Hotpants worn from 11am - 4pm. Exercise: 5 mile hike
  • 8/2: Zaggora Hotpants worn from 1pm - 5pm. Exercise: 45 minutes of zumba + 30 minute run on treadmill
Last week, Angela weighed in at 17 stone 7.4 lb and her measurements were 46-39.3-51. She now weighs 17 stone 1 lb, her measurements are 47.5-38-49 and overall she has lost a total of 8 inches and 6.4 pounds since last week!

Contender #2: Z
This week Z has been wearing her Zaggora flares and;
  • attending high intensity 20-30 minute workouts during her lunch breaks,
  • Zumba classes 
  • Boxing. 
  • Not to mention her British Military Fitness Class outdoors when it was -5!

Unfortunately, weight loss wise she's had a disappointing week - Last week she weighed in at 11 stone 9.5 lbs and her measurements were 35.8-31.1-43.7 and this week she weighs in at 11 stone 9.9 lbs and her measurements are 35.8-31.8-43.3. But her weight loss is consistent with Angela, in that week 2 inch loss was over the hips and thighs, overall this week she has had total inch loss of 1 inch.

If you'd like to get your hands on some Zaggora hotpants, Capris or Flares (full length, not actually flared exercise trousers) @ 10% off enter the code Lprend at checkout!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Zaggora Hotpants Challenge: Week 2 Weigh In + A 2nd Contender!

Mid-Challenge and we have another contender that we like to call Z. If she chooses to reveal her identity at the end of the challenge we'll let you know!

Contender #1: Angela
Angela has been working hard, she got a one-week free gym pass this past week and has been working more using free weights to help tone up her legs and arms. Her Hotpants use has been limited to one hour a day this week.
Last week she weighed in at 17 stone 7.4lbs and her body measurements were 46.1-39.3-52
This week she weighs in at the same as last week 17 stone 7.4 lb, and her body measurements this week are:
46-39.3-51. She has also lost one inch on each thigh and each arm, showing a total loss of 5 inches since last week!

Contender #2: Z
Z signed up a week ago weighing in at @ 12 stone 1 lb and had a BMI of 24.9. Her measurements were 36.6-31.9-43.7. Z is by no means overweight and according to our BMI calculations comes in at the top end of a healthy BMI, but she'd like to lose a little bit of weight.
As part of her exercies regime, over the past week Z has;
  • Gone to 2 Zumba classes
  • Boxercise
  • A ViPR class (short for Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning Read more about it here)
  • 20 minute walks 5 days a week
  • 45 minute workout sessions 5 days a week
And she's also been wearing them twice a week when cleaning....a 3 storey office.
She now weighs in @ 11stone 9.5 lbs, her BMI has dropped to 24.8 and her measurements are now: 35.8-31.1-43.7, Given the amount of exercise she has done it's likely that she's increased her muscle mass which is why the weight loss isn't greater. In total (including leg measurements) she has lost  
4 inches in one week!
If you'd like to get your hands on some Zaggora hotpants, Capris or Flares (full length, not actually flared exercise trousers) @ 10% off enter the code Lprend at checkout!