Wednesday, 11 September 2013

2-for-1 on massive no-no's: part 2 - Orogold review

After the experience in part 1 we managed to spend another 2 hours at the fair, eventually succumbing to sleepiness we left. As we walked towards High Street Kensington we caught the attention of an Orogold member of staff who was handing out sachets of samples. I didn't want one, I didn't even want to go in, but it would seem that sleepy feet and tired bodies gravitate to the prospect of a chair quicker than I gravitate towards a table full of sweet treats.

Dressed in a black suit, guiding us to the comfiest leather chairs I have ever come across (OK, maybe not ever, or at all. But my cousin can attest that we were very tired and that a cardboard box would have been welcomed at that point). Our 20-something Orogold sales assistant didn't introduce himself, but asked us about our skin regimes, "have you ever used a peel?" he asked, "Well no, how old do you think I am?" I responded, he smiled and continued with his pitch. Apparently Orogold has "no chemicals in" and is "non-allergenic", my spidey senses were tingling, this wasn't right. He refused to tell us what was in the product and before I knew it he had grabbed my wrist and was already applying this peel while talking to me.
My brain snapped back into function and I blurted out "I want you to stop because you are freaking me out", thankfully he listened and took it off, spritzing my wrist with toner. He then couldn't believe that I didn't detect any difference between my "peeled wrist" and my normal one.

But then, my wrist started burning. We asked for water, initially he refused and only offered toner. "No, I know my skin and something is wrong, I need water" I said, he wandered off to his senior and asked for directions. We had a bottle of water in our bag and started using the cotton balls on the counter to try and soothe what had now turned into the kind of burning you would get if you rubbed an open chilli into a papercut. Sharp, stingy and unstoppable.

The orogold sales assistant returned with water "don't touch it! your skin will get better if you don't touch it!" he insisted.

 "Really, I know my skin" I replied. My cousin then grabbed the box, "oh, sh**!", "ohh sh******!!!!!!" she said as she read each passing ingredient. . . "wait, this has nuts in?!" she said to the orogold sales assistant who, by this point, was loosing his calm exterior, "are you freaking serious?!" she said, "you can't pull people in off the street and apply it to their skin, what if they have an anaphylactic shock?! Oh my god, this place is awful! How can you charge so much for something this bad?!?!"

Orogold sales assistant hit meltdown "erm, erm, do you guys have a nut allergy?", without missing a beat my cousin replied "yes", she grabbed our bags and headed out of the shop "come on Layla, we have to get you to a doctor", I got up, a bit dazed, my phone dropped to the floor and the assistant picked it up for me, profusely apologising, but to be honest I couldn't hear what he was saying over the pain.

I don't have a nut allergy, my cousin does. While I am dealing with a painful, inflamed rash, I'm glad he grabbed my wrist and not my cousin's because if that was the case I would be writing a very different post.

After doing some searching, it turns out that Orogold's reputation preceeds them. DO NOT ACCEPT A SAMPLE FROM THEM, DON'T EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE THEM, EVEN IF YOU ARE VERY TIRED.

Hanne @ Beautylovin posted a similar experience, and from the list of comments it sounds like this is how they do things.


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  1. My goddess, that's terrible! I hope they think twice in future or failing that get sued.
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