Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Live Native Essential Earth Exfoliating Cleanser Review

Rating: 5/5

Live Native's products are raw and handmade to ensure that your skin benefits from all of the natural goodness from each ingredient.

I had the pleasure of being given a pot of this cleanser as a birthday present from my sister. She'd been using it for a few weeks and could barely contain her excitement about it. So after the celebrations were over, testing began!

I applied it following the instructions, left it for one minute and rinsed....there is only one word for the effects of this wonder cleanser and that is GLOW. My skin was soft but not oily, the effects of the celebrations had been completely eradicated and my skin was, well I've said it already but it shouldn't be underestimated, glowing.

So, how exactly does it work? The ingredients alone are pretty heavy players and this combination proves how fantastic they are for the skin, so here's a few ingredients and their benefits:


When ingested, Chamomile is great for reducing bloating, helping an upset tummy or to settle your nerves. When applied to the skin it is soothing and can have anti-inflammatory effects, such that one study found that a cream containing 1% golden chamomile significantly improved moderate rosacea (cited in Stacey & Fairley, 2008). The chamomile used in this cleanser is known as german chamomile which contains high levels of Azulene, a powerful anti-inflammatory. If you've used or ever use german chamomile essential oil you'll find that it's dark blue for this reason.

(Marigold flower and liquorice root are also anti-inflammatories and are part of this cleanser helping to bolster the soothing factor of this cleanser along with argan oil - see below).


MSM is gaining popularity by the second in cosmetics. It builds and maintains healthy collagen cell walls in skin tissue and encourages tissue cell formation using Vitamin C.

As a result MSM can lessen wrinkles and skin problems. It's also great for the body when ingested, but that is another post for another time!

Argan oil

Argan kernels have very high levels of vitamin E and contain 80% Essential Fatty Acids and so it's great for minimising the effects of aging by restoring the skin's hydrolipid layer and moisture retention. Argan kernels also contain rare plant sterols, totalling 0.8%, which improve skin metabolism and help to reduce inflammation.


Kelp is said to be a good detoxifier, helping to regenerate body tissue and promote circulation. This seaweed contains 23 minerals, vitamins A, B12, D and Iodine, according to various internet sources, these components help to keep the skin nourished and promote moisture retention.

Oat kernels

Oat kernel meal is high in sillicic acid, polyphenols and saponin. It's a great anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory, and has been used in products for problem skin.

If you've tried any live native products let us know in the comments :)

Thanks for reading!

Live native products are available from live native, being content, and the fresh network.

Ingredients: Oat Kernel Meal*, Rhassoul Clay*/***, Macerated chamomile oil*, Argan Kernel oil*/***, Coconut oil*, MSM from pine trees, Chamomile Flower*, Liquorice root powder*, Kelp**, Marigold flower oil*, Vitamin E, Glyceryl caprilate, Grapefruit seed extract in vegetable glycerin, Acerola cherry fruit extract*.
** Wild Harvested
*** Fair trade ingredients

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